Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brittany Danielle

Amanda Miller's Gig Posters

Since my actual major is graphic design, here's a sample of some gig posters I designed last night
for my wonderfully talented aunt Amanda Miller's upcoming show in Iowa City. 
Aunt Mandi is a musical wonder, and she's lovely. So, go see her show!

Agape Light also designs posters, invitations, cards and the like!
Email us at to book a photoshoot or submit a design request!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leona Celia

Well I guess it's about time that I blogged about some actual work! It's no secret that there is nothing I would rather photograph than a baby or a child. Some would say that my own childlike spirit is what gets me in trouble sometimes. I might take "faith like a child" a bit more literally than some of my peers. Not everything has to make sense to my right brained nature for me to embrace it completely.

Anyway, since I am up to my elbows editing two weddings and designing gig posters, this is an adorable distraction. This little gem Leona is the niece of the now Brittney Brack-married to my lifelong friend PJ (or Paul now, just don't call him Pajama Boy). Brittney, or Biscuit as we all fondly call her in the Rees home, and I gave Leona her first photo shoot when she was one day old...and I really enjoyed seeing her again and photographing her as one of the flower girls at the wedding a couple weeks ago. She has a really sweet spirit and if I were BabyGap, I'd be giving this little thing a call. :)

Here is Leona at one day old...

...and here is Leona now!

More posts to come including wedding sneak peeks!