Monday, June 14, 2010

Madison Renae

Beautiful Madison is another little one that we've known since she was born. I still remember heading to the hospital around 5:00 a.m. on the first day of Spring to meet her moments after she was born. Her super creative momma Anna has been our friend since we were all in little girls at church. We've had so many adventures together. Maddy is content and a little shy- until she opens up. Then she is full of joy and spunk like you've never seen! She loves reading  books, taking care of baby dollies and being chased by Boo-but her very favorite thing in the world is blowing bubbles! I'm having some issues with formatting in blogger, so bear with me if this layout is a little off!

             I like playing with dollies too!











Those pictures were all taken at our recent "Cereal Birthday Party." It was Baylee's idea to simplify our usual Dinner Parties and celebrate all the May and June birthdays at once! Here is a video of the party.


The other day we had a garage sale at Maddy's house to raise money for our trip to Israel. It ended up being a pretty rainy day, so we're going to give it another go sometime, but Boo and I loved spending the day with Madison! She and I blew lots of bubbles, and we ended up giving bubble "baths" to lots of leaves. Then we got to take her home for the afternoon. She made us laugh so hard. 
I love how the shadows in some of these pictures with the hat make her look like a tough kid with a shiner. The last photo in this set is Maddy's version of "Look! The sun came out!"


Madison hanging out with Blake, trying not to be intimidated.

Bubble bath time for the leaves!

Spend a little time with Aunt Boo and you'll end up with pigtails, painted toenails and a sucker.


Here is a video of the random antics of Madison and Boo!


                               And this is how Madison ended her day with Boo and Bran.

                                                            We love you Maddy Rae!