Friday, July 2, 2010

[vintage bliss.]

i love vintage things. the look, the colors, the clothes-all of it. right now i am surrounded by a smattering of mason jars, untwisted rope, photographs of the north shore with gold paint washed around their edges, strands of hemp, keyholes, bottle tops, wood and metal bits i've found, an antique book, a driftwood scroll and an ugly floral vintage sheet. i got the notion today to create. i once made a wind chime out of glass pop bottles, hemp, whipped cream chargers from starbucks, a wreath of vines & sinew from my vagabond friend who rides boxcars around the country and happened to be playing his banjo on the front porch with me while i created my wind chime. his girlfriend and fellow vagabond played a washboard they found in north carolina. they were incredible. i'll post about them next. anyway, that wind chime lives at tiffany and raphe's apartment in nashville, but it's just the sort of thing i like to make. today i wanted to make some bunting that alternated triangles of said fabric with photos of my secret place and clothespins to hang treasures with-all dangling from a curly piece of rope.  the whole thing would hang on the wall behind my computer or somewhere like that. i didn't finish that project yet because i was caught up in something else, as usual. i really struggle to finish the creative things i begin. God, help me with that please. anyway, i was looking through photos of last year and i found our easter picnic with the nashville framily. friends+family=framily. we are beyond blessed. i love my life there. and here. there's so much goodness to be thankful for, so much beauty and so much love.