Saturday, April 2, 2011

{b.rees creative}

[agape light photography] is in the process of becoming {b. rees creative} as brittany and i wrap up this season of our lives and prepare for graduation in May! i am very excited to have more time to pour myself into freelance photo and design work. i've been doing a lot of illustration lately and developing my own design style, which is very vintage illustrative and textured. my capstone/senior thesis project is coming is a conceptual art/design book dealing with my life as art, and will also be displayed in the gallery in gridded poster form! i am enjoying the process but more than excited to be done and very at peace with this chapter of my life coming to a close.

our family came to visit last week for us to shoot Bradley's (the fourth b.rees, fondly called Bub) senior photos! it was a blast and we got to do some neat ones with him and his guitar in downtown nashville. 

we are also getting ready to move into our first home with our two best friends, erin and katherine (little baby and katun, respectively.) erin has been working as an intern at anthropologie and she and katherine are both amazing artists. we are planning to collaborate on a creative blog that shows what we are up to as we live together. God worked so beautifully in finding us this house and we are so thankful. it is on a quiet street in the 12 south neighborhood of nashville, close to lipscomb, las paletas and sevier park! a photo of the four of us with the house will be coming soon! we are so excited to just enjoy living together and riding our bikes around. 

baylee is also planning to spend some time here this summer before she spends a month in nicaragua, so at least three of the five b.rees's will be creating together. for now we just skype with her in ames, ia, where she goes to iowa state university. 

and we can't forget blake, we love this naughty one like crazy and he is hilarious! 
we miss them all so much.

one more thing...


i pray blessings and encounters with God's divine love and grace over all!

brandee, for b.rees creative & brittany, baylee, erin & katherine

we are available for photo shoots, design work, (branding, posters, logos, invitations, t shirts, brochures, anything!) writing, commissioned paintings or other artwork, etc. 

if you want something done and you aren't sure if we do it, just ask!

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